Lynda C. Schoenbeck, LCSW

0_0_0_0_203_258_library_24191I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker offering office and web based psychotherapy, meditation and mindfulness skills and support, and EFT (also known as Tapping).

Office visits can be scheduled at Waynesville Wellness, 1384 Sulphur Springs Road, Waynesville, North Carolina, 28786 AND 70 Woodfin Place #232, Asheville, NC, 28804.

Web based sessions can be accessed from anywhere in the country from the privacy of your own home.  All you need is a reliable web connection.  Some insurances are now approving online psychotherapy services with the use of HIPAA compliant software (I use VSee).   This software is free to you and assures the same strict confidentiality you expect in a therapy office environment.   For those who do not have insurance approval or wish to pay privately, please contact me for information on rates and payment.

Follow the breath…

Would you like to learn tools and techniques that will support you in feeling a sense of peace & healing?  It is already within you – you can learn to help yourself when life struggles and circumstances interrupt your inate sense balance, health and wellness.   I am available to provide you confidential, respectful and caring help with:

~Trauma related symptoms
~Feelings of sadness or overwhelm
~Difficult life transitions such as aging, health conditions, separation or divorce

~Grief and loss
~New ways to understand and improve relationships with partners, family members, co-workers
~“Compassion fatigue” from living/working in a care taking role

I work from the belief  that individuals, families and groups that are respected for their uniqueness, supported and assisted through the challenges that face us throughout our lifetime of development and change, and provided information and tools for sustaining positive, satisfying relationships with themselves and others enriches not just their lives, but the lives of everyone in our neighborhoods workplaces and communities.  I am dedicated to the values of providing competent and knowledgeable service, to being fully “present*” with you as we work together, and to being committed and caring to each person that entrusts me with their concerns and struggles.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or just have questions about my services, please call me at 802-760-0040 or send me an email.  All contacts are completely confidential.


0_0_0_0_129_129_library_180644*Therapeutic presence:  To be attentive to whatever arises in the therapy session with openness, kindness and non-judgement.