“Lynda Schoenbeck is a wonderful therapist and person. She helped me through an extreme anxiety attack that felt crippling to me. She is kind and patient and has a rare gift for what she does. If it were not for her I am not sure I could have gotten through one of the most important days of my life. Thank you, Lynda.” MP, age 58


“Hi Lynda. I just had to let you know how well I’m doing. I just got a promotion at my job! And I met a boy that treats me the way we talked so much about, the way I deserve to be treated. He is nice to me and loves me and all of my animals! Thank you so much for everything. I miss you!” T.S., age 19


“Thank you for all the help you have given to me during this stressful period of my life! I could not have made it through without you being there for me. I miss our sessions but I am doing well and enjoying life again.” C.R., age 73


“I want to thank you for getting us all together in the women’s (transition) group. You made it feel like a very safe place for me to share my feelings. Your guidance and insights were always spot on and you allowed each of us to say what we needed to say, even when it was difficult. I was sorry that it had to end. If you decide to have another group please let me know. I would love to come back again!” M.J., age 47